Bergen Dykkerservice

Bergen Dykkerservice is a diving company delivering a wide range of professional diving services. We undertake assignments within construction diving, aquaculture and inspections of ships and port facilities.

We are based in Bergen and are mainly delivering services in Hordaland, but undertake assignments along the entire coastline. We always strive to meet our customers’ demands and requirements when it comes to quality. By focusing on safety, quality and cost-effectiveness, we want to be our customers’ preferred choice when it comes to subsea services.

Please contact us if you need any diving services or other subsea-related assignments.

Construction diving

High pressure washing and cleaning nets


Diving at the quay and harbor



Polishing propellers and hull cleaning

Sea cable and Sea pipes

Marina and floating docks

Construction of Quay and foundations

Daniel Alfredsson +47 488 44 008 | Patrik Eriksson +47 473 63 933

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