In order to take on assignments throughout the region, Bergen Dykkerservice has acquired “Balkazar”, a high-speed vessel suited for diving operations. With a cruising speed of 27 knots, the response time is kept to a minimum for our customers. The following upgrades and modifications has been performed in order to optimize “Balkazar”:

  • Complete and modern diving equipment
  • Complete setup for cleaning of nets
  • Hydraulic system for drilling of bolts

Dive trailer

With a compact and mobile diving equipment we have the opportunity to mobilize with the diving trailer.

The trailer is equipped with hose diving equipment for two divers. Helmet and mesh equipped with communication, camera, light, video and depth measurement. The camera gives us the opportunity for still photography and video as input to final documentation, if this is requested. The trailer is divided into a drying / changing room, and a diving control room.

The trailer can easily be lifted aboard the customer’s own service boat, and you then have a complete diving station aboard.

Foto, Video, Kommunikasjon og Luftpanel

For å etterleve krav til dokumentasjon, er dykkeren til enhver tid utstyrt med kamera. Dette gir muligheten for stillbilder og video som underlag for sluttdokumentasjon dersom dette er etterspurt. Som en del av vårt fokus på sikkerhet og kvalitet, er dykkeren også utstyrt med dykkerradio for toveis kommunikasjon.


Powerful 24 hp High pressure washer. Seawater resistant high-pressure pump, 270 bars and 30 l/min. For efficient cleaning of seawater intakes, propellers and rudders on ships. Washing and flushing of concrete surfaces and rock surfaces in connection with molding. Where there is a need for hand washing fish nets with diver with a flush plate or flush gun with rotary nozzle.

Diving Equipment

For most of our operations, surface-supplied equipment is the preferred solution, however we have the ability to carry out assignments with SCUBA equipment if it is found beneficial.

All equipment is approved and certified in accordance with the applicable regulations. In addition, periodic maintenance and control of all equipment is performed according to our internal procedures.


We have ROV available for miscellaneous inspection services.

We perform inspection services for the fish farming industry, powerplants, harbours, underwater power cables, underwater water pipes, contractors, government and municipality.

Our ROV can submerge to 200 metres depth, ROV is a good tool in different diving operations. It can be used for planning the dive job, saves dive time and you can inspect and document the dive job you have done.

This leads to a more efficient execution of the job which in turn saves customer costs.

ROV is absolutely required to be able to inspect nets in the aquaculture industry.

Hydraulic unit

Gasoline-powered hydraulic unit. Used for operation of any kind of underwater tools where hydraulic equipment is needed. Runs drill hammer for drilling mooring bolts. Runs angle cutter/grinder for cutting and propeller polishing. Runs wrench for screwing flange on the large pipe connections and much more. Powerful hydraulic tool is a great tool which facilitates many underwater applications.


Welding equipment – Oxy-Arc underwater cutting

Welding equipment for underwater welding of anodes, secure bolts on propeller systems, Welding on rudder. Welding of gratings to thruster plant. Oxy-Arc for underwater cutting with 60m cable makes this a flexible outfit that reaches most places.

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