Arctic Sea Weed

November/December 2017

Assembly of mooring chains

Mounted mooring chains on 50-meter-long pipes to be used for a new Sea weed facility in the municipality of Øygarden.

November 2017

Cleaning sea water intake on car ferry.

November 2017

Inspection of seabed in Sløvåg port.


October 2017

Eide Fjordbruk, assistance with de-licing on Salmon farm

We mobilized from the base and took the diving trailer aboard the customer’s boat. As a complete dive station, it can be lifted aboard the boat in one operation, we can maintain safe diving while mobilizing quickly.
Here we helped with rope work.

March, October and November 2017

Service at ADO arena public swimming pool.

Service work on the system for raising and lowering the pool bottom. The work is performed at night.

August 2017

Cleaning of drinking water basin.

We cleaned a drinking water basin at a pump station in municipality of Øygarden.

Here, cleanliness and disinfection of the equipment is important.

Privat oppdragsgiver

September 2017

Formwork and casting front edge of quay.

Formwork and casting front edge of quay for a private customer. The work was done in a weathered place where large waves and steep terrain made the job extra challenging.

September 2017

Lifting of a car

We lifted a car for Gjensidige insurance company. We mounted lifting straps on the car and the crane boat Notman lifted the boat on deck.

Telavåg Fiskeoppdrett

September 2017

Rope work on Liftup system.

We helped the customer pull a rope through the lift up system. Workboat crew and outfit were ready, everything was prepared, and the job went as planned. Quickly and efficiently.

September 2017

Inspection / repair overflow pipes

Overflow pipelines for a project in Nyhavn were inspected. After inspection various deviation was corrected.

July 2017

Disassembly of a 1200 mm manhole lid at pumping station, BKK’s project in Puddefjorden.

We worked for BKK’s project via Sjøentreprenøren / NCC. The diver was lowered into the dry pump station. When the lid was loosened, the basin filled with water.

February 2017

Inspection at Steinsundet

Day trip with the dive boat Balkazar to Steinsund in the Sognefjord. 2×250 hp engines provide 30 knots of speed, making it possible to travel on a day trip from Bergen.

January 2017

cutting of scaffolding on dykdalb

Here old scaffolding on a dykdalb was cut of with at cutting torch by a ferry dock. The diving work was in shallow water in the splash zone. Between sea and surface, it is where it is most challenging to work.

Rutgers/Skidway university

May 2017

Install equipment for research project.

Installed equipment for a MisoHux2017 research project at the marine research institute in Blomsterdalen. Interesting job on a nice and hot spring day.


April 2017

Propel work at the marine research institute’s research vessel dr Fridtjof Nansen.

Precision work with hydraulic angle grinder, to counteract noise in propeller system. The job was done for Balino, a Spanish propeller manufacturer.

Privat oppdragsgiver

April 2017

Mooring work on Marina

January 2018

Move Ø600mm pipe using lifting bags in Puddefjorden.

April- September 2017

Diving work on cooling pipe project for BKK

Assist ØPD by positioning, lowering and adjusting the Ø1200 mm sea pipe in Puddefjorden.

Mars 2017

Dive work in Puddefjorden.

February 2017

Dive work at Sotra

Here we addressed some minor deviations in connection with previous pipework. Mounted anodes and inspected.

December 2016

Pipe work

Work with crossing pipes. Due to a depth of 36m, the bottom time is short. The job must be planned well to get the most possible done in a short period of time.

April 2017

Marking of rock.

Here we drilled a hole and bolted a pole to mark a rock at the entrance to a harbour.


April 2017

Drilled mooring bolts for Salmar at the island Frøya

Drilling in the sea gap in Marchs month on Frøya. Here there were many days on shore due to excessive sea and strong winds. The job was done with skilled people from Salmar on their boat Stålbjørn.

February 2017

Drilling mooring bolts in Dalsfjorden

Here we travelled by car to Dalsfjorden for a small drilling job.

July 2016

Drilling mooring bolts i Sognefjorden

June 2016

mooring bolts at the island Frøya

Mars 2017

Plastering’s work at ferry dock in Solund

Placement of rocks to prevent fillings to be washed out.

Mars 2017

Clearance of seabed in Puddefjorden

We cleared the seabed for metal scrap. This was put up in to a basket and lifted on land with excavator and then loaded in a container.

September 2016

Inspection of mooring lines

There were many moorings to swim over when three floating docks were to be inspected. But it was relatively shallow and could be done in a day.

September 2016

Lift boat

Lift a 30-ton fishing vessel at Steinesund kai. Mobile cranes were used ashore.

Lift an approximately 30-foot boat in Lungegårdsvannet, with the aid of airbags and a fire pump we got the boat floating after a few hours.

August 2016

Thruster inspection at MS. Vestfjord.

Inspection and video documentation of the side thruster.

Sætteviken Båtlag

July 2017

Mooring work and repair of Boat Marina.

Fortøyninger ble skiftet og bryggen innfestninger til uteligger ble reparert.

A Høvik Eiendom AS

June 2016/January 2018

Mooring work

Tension and adjustment of boat marina

June 2016

Detection of sea cable next to road. 555 at Sotra

Location and marking of underwater cable. The Diving boat Balkazar comes under low bridges and on shallow waters.

December 17


Location and marking of underwater cable under Revheim Brigde.

Femanger Laks

April 2016

Water inlet salmon hatchery

Diving work on water inlet for a Salmon hatchery. Here it is important to clean equipment and have good disinfection routines.

March and April 2016

Work on pipe crossing on Sotra

Here some weights were moved, and protection was mounted at the crossing point.

Installed clamps on pipe.

Pipelines that came from the dock were clamped to the bottom down to 15 m depth.

February 2016

Diving at Norman Prosper

Plugged the water intake, before replacing valve to coolant system.

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