Bergen Dykkerservice undertake a variety of assignments within construction diving, including the following:

  • Construction formwork and concreting
  • Welding and cutting
  • Salvage of vehicles and boats
  • Cutting of concrete
  • Installation and maintenance of pipes
  • Installation of bolts for mooring lines


Bergen Dykkerservice undertake a variety of assignments within the aquaculture industry, including the following:

  • Inspection of nets and mooring lines
  • Replacement of ropes etc.
  • Installation of bolts for mooring lines
  • Assistance during delousing operations
  • Assistance during replacement of nets

We also clean nets, either by use of surface equipment or by divers if required.

High pressure washing and cleaning nets

Cleaning water inlet to hatcheries, fresh water plants, refrigeration plants etc. For efficient cleaning of seawater intakes, propellers and rudders on ships. Washing and flushing of concrete surfaces and rock surfaces in connection with molding. Where there is a need for hand washing fish nets with diver with a flush plate or flush gun with rotary nozzle.

Cleaning connection plates and other components when inspecting mooring systems.


Bergen Dykkerservice undertake a variety of assignments within inspections, including the following:

  • Inspections of nets and mooring lines
  • Inspection of hull and thrusters
  • Inspection of quays, bridges and dams
  • Inspection and sampling of seabed conditions
  • Inspection of mooring lines for floating piers

Ships, Quay and Port facilities

Bergen Dykkerservice undertake a variety of assignments within ships, quays and port facilities, including the following:

  • Inspections
  • Installation and welding of anodes
  • Cleaning of seabed and removal of obstacles
  • Cleaning of hulls
  • Polishing of thrusters
  • Sealing of inlet/outlet
  • Assistance during replacement of valves
  • Removal of ropes etc. from thrusters
  • Installation of cofferdams/habitat


Bergen Dykkerservice påtar seg en rekke serviceoppdrag innenfor skip, kai og havneanlegg blant annet:

  • Inspeksjoner
  • Sveising av anoder
  • Rengjøring av skrog
  • Polering av propell/thrustere
  • Plugging av inntak/uttak
  • Beredskap ved skifte av ventiler
  • Fjerning av tau m.m. fra propell/thrustere
  • Montering av kofferdam/habitat
  • Montering av anoder
  • Sveising


We have ROV available for miscellaneous inspection services.

We perform inspection services for the fish farming industry, powerplants, harbours, underwater power cables, underwater water pipes, contractors, government and municipality.

Our ROV can submerge to 200 metres depth, ROV is a good tool in different diving operations. It can be used for planning the dive job it saves dive time and you can inspect and document the dive job you are finished.

This leads to a more efficient execution of the job which in turn saves customer costs.

ROV is absolutely required in inspecting nets in the aquaculture industry.

Polishing propellers and hull cleaning

Polishing the propeller and cleaning the hull gives better fuel economy and is a reasonable alternative to taking the ship in dry dock. We use hydraulically operated washing and polishing equipment. We can mobilize both from land with the diver trailer, which is preferable, or we can come by boat. When polishing the propellers and cleaning hull, the diver carefully surveys the entire surface and reports any deviations and damages found.

Construction of Quay and foundations

Construction of quays for the customer or in cooperation with a contractor. Depending on the terrain, it is possible to cast a quay front or cast pillars. Forming and casting of foundations for underwater installations. Reinforcement of existing dock. Placement of rocks to prevent fillings to be washed out.

Marina and floating docks

We have long experience in working on marinas and floating docks. We install new marinas, inspect and maintain old marinas.
We perform:

  • Installation of new marinas and floating docks .
  • Inspection with video documentation of moorings on marinas / floating docks/pontoons with diver or ROV. We have camera on all our diving gear.
  • Inspection of condition on pontoons, walkways and concrete elements.
  • Drilling of bolts for mooring.
  • Installation of new mooring lines, concrete weights, anchor and chain.
  • Tensioning of moorings

Sea cable and Sea pipes

Bergen Dykkerservice has long experience with pipelines, we have worked with everything from small private pipelines to major municipal pipelines.

We perform:

  • Traverse survey with diver or ROV
  • Lowering of pipeline
  • Hosing pipeline into seabed
  • Marking of pipelines
  • Secure/clamping of pipelines.
  • Connection of flange transitions over and under water
  • Repair of damaged pipeline.
  • Video inspection of pipeline with diver or ROV.

Sea cables:
Bergen Dykkerservice has long experience with sea cables. Ranging from small power cables to marinas, fibre cables and thick power cables. We often must take into account different cables on many of our various projects.

We perform:

  • Marking of cables
  • Secure/clamping of cables.
  • Video inspection of cables with diver or ROV

Washing basins for drinking water tanks

Cleaning and removal of sediments in tanks, drinking water tanks and pools. Together with BlueSolutions and Thermorens, we have developed effective methods for suction and washing bottom sediments. We also clean filters and screens, change anodes and general maintenance according to costumers wishes. In drinking water tanks, there is a high focus is on cleanliness. Washing and disinfection of our gear is developed for this purpose.

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